There are so many creative people and innovative organisations who inspire me. Here’s a round up of some of my current favourites…


  • I am indebted to the wonderfully talented Jamie Beard for letting me use his evocative illustrations on this site. See more of Jamie’s work at:
  • Storycenter (formerly the Center for Digital Storytelling) runs informative webinars on digital storytelling. See: If you are interested to find out more about using storytelling in your work, Joe Lambert’s book: ‘Digital Storytelling: Capturing lives, creating community’ is a fantastic resource.

“We want stories. We love stories. Stories keep us alive. Stories that come from a place of deep insight and with a knowing wink to their audience, and stories that tease us into examining our own feelings and beliefs, and stories that guide us on our own path. But most importantly, stories told as stories, that honour the simple idea that we want to relive what the author has experienced in time and in place.” – Joe Lambert, Digital Stories: Capturing lives, creating community

  • PositiveNegatives produces exceptionally detailed and well-researched comics about migration and displacement. Their website has free, downloadable resources for schools, produced by young people in partnership with the charity Maslaha:


  • Understanding more about how we acknowledge and experience values and frames is key to tackling some of the most challenging social problems we face. Common Cause is leading the way in fostering ‘intrinsic’ values – such as self-acceptance, care for others and concern for the natural world. The Common Cause Handbook is a useful place to start if you want to find out more about how values and frames shape so much of our lives.


  • Tell it in Colour is a shining light in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Through storytelling, film and photography people from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to share their experiences and stories of hope with one another.


  • Having a bad day? Need a pep up? Watch Fired up, ready to go. My favourite video of all time. Makes me smile every time…